Fire Pumps

We provide installation, inspection and maintenance to all types of fire pumps.

Fire pumps are available in diesel and electric types, and range in size and GPM output. They are often installed where the water supply is not adequate to meet the sprinkler system demand. Fire pumps must be ran weekly/monthly and inspected annually to make sure the equipment operates as intended.

Services we provide:

  • Perform annual tests and inspections of fire pumps, as per NFPA-20.
  • Perform annual flow test of the fire pump.
  • Schedule weekly or monthly fire pump run and/or maintenance if required.
  • Fire pump weekly/monthly run training for your maintenance staff is available.
  • Provide a detailed inspection report noting deficiencies and recommendations.
  • Tag equipment and provide certification if applicable.

Contact us for more information on fire pumps. If you require installation, inspection or maintenance we can provide a free quote!