Fire Alarm

We provide inspection, testing and maintenance of all types of fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm systems are an effective means of alerting building occupants to a fire. Fire alarm systems must be inspected and tested annually to make sure the equipment operates as intended.

Services we provide:

  • Installation of new fire alarm systems and retrofits.
  • Fire alarm panel replacements and system upgrades.
  • Elevator / door holder / fan shutdown / fire pump / relay wiring / fire panel tie ins.
  • Replace old or faulty components as required.
  • Perform annual test and inspection of fire alarm system, as per CAN/ULC-S536.
  • Provide a detailed inspection report noting deficiencies and recommendations.
  • Tag system and provide certification if applicable.

A typical fire alarm inspection consists of the following:

Revolution Fire Protection will inspect, test and confirm operation of the complete fire alarm system.

  • Test all field initiating devices including manual pull stations, heat detectors, smoke detectors, duct detectors, infrared detectors etc.
  • Test all field notification devices including bells, speakers, horns and strobes.
  • Test all field emergency communications equipment including PA and fire phones.
  • Test all sprinkler devices including tamper switches, low pressure switches, pressure type water flow switches and vane type water flow switches.
  • Test the main control panel for full functionality, including battery load testing.
  • Test all ancillary and auxiliary devices (ie fan shutdown, elevator recall, door holders etc).
  • Test connections to monitoring station to ensure signals are received.
  • Perform a complete visual inspection of the system from ground level.
  • Complete an inspection report detailing all equipment, devices types and locations, and the result of the inspection and testing.

Contact us for more information on fire alarm systems. If you require installation, inspection or maintenance we can provide a free quote!