Fire Alarm

We provide inspection, testing and maintenance of all types of fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm systems are an effective means of alerting building occupants to a fire. Fire alarm systems must be inspected and tested annually to make sure the equipment operates as intended.

Services we provide:

  • Installation of new fire alarm systems and retrofits.
  • Fire alarm panel replacements and system upgrades.
  • Elevator / door holder / fan shutdown / fire pump / relay wiring / fire panel tie ins.
  • Replace old or faulty components as required.
  • Perform annual test and inspection of fire alarm system, as per CAN/ULC-S536.
  • Provide a detailed inspection report noting deficiencies and recommendations.
  • Tag system and provide certification if applicable.

Contact us for more information on fire alarm systems. If you require installation, inspection or maintenance we can provide a free quote!